What is Adelaide Tango Club?
A social club for people interested in tango, which is not aligned with any one tango school.
To generate more tango activity - and more diverse tango activity - in Adelaide
To provide an umbrella for a wide range of tango-related activities.
To offer social events and activities that are appealing for non-tango friends and family members.
To provide an easy forum for people associated with each of the tango schools, and those who are not currently involved in lessons, to socialize together.
Doing what?
Social contact with a range of Adelaide tango people.
Talks/discussions about music, films, history, BsAs travel.
Fun stuff, such as milongas, tango quiz nights
Tango expeditions
Benefits of joining the club?
Enhanced your Tango experience.
Contributing your ideas, having your say.
Discounted entry to activities.
Reciprocal rights with other clubs.
What the Adelaide Tango Club is not.
It is not a teaching organization, and is not-for-profit.

What is Adelaide Tango Club?

An independent organisation, not aligned with any one tango school.